Friday, September 14, 2012

Best Fishes to You!

Good Friday to all of you!
This weeks release is all about Sea Creatures. I've wanted to do one for a long time, and when I asked for ideas an Aquarium theme came up! Thank you very much for all of the input!Don't forget my new releases will be 20% off during the weekend.
Very fun Aquarium, fish, underwater stuff! Mostly hand drawn and painted.
It has a scene paper, and a sand strip.

Doodles: Submarine, Blowfish, Squid, JellyFish, Crab, Starfish, Rocks, Eel, Anemone, Coral, SeaWeed, Bubbles, Clam, 2 Seashells, Seahorse, Seaturtle, Stingray, 3 fishes
My CT members are the best. They can come up with the cutest pages even without pictures!

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I hope I can give you some exciting news in my next post! till next time!! Tamara xox

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  1. Just signed up! Thank you for the bainy freebie!!


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